Do you want to know how to train a cat? Cats are independent creatures and are extremely popular pets for a very good reason, because they are satisfied living indoors, loving and smart. If a cat develops a bad behavior, for whatever reason, it is not a fun situation. From biting and scratching on people and furniture to litter box accidents and getting on the counter, it can all be corrected. Some cats are easier to train than others, but you can train any cat if you learn how to train your cat properly.

how to train a cat

Cat training does not really require a professional trainer just to make things happen: you can even do it right in the comfort of your own home. The training or lesson requires patience, persistence and also smart methods. Definitely, you do not need to train them just like you train the dogs. You only need to focus on the lesson about good habits and behaviors, thus your cute pets are not only smart, but also well-behaved.

There are some simple rules that you really need to follow when you train your cat. One is that you should train your cat at a proper time. Don’t wake your cat up for training. It most likely won’t listen to you. Also, be sure to train your cat using short sessions for training. Don’t train too long as your cat will get bored and tired. Be sure to use a positive reward when your cat obeys you.

How To Train A Cat?

Train a cat to sit

When holding the treat above the cats head, you should try to say the name of the cat as well as saying “Sit” in a voice that is friendly yet stern. Do not reward your cat if he or she does not sit but make sure that you do treat them when they have completed the expected action.

Train a cat to stop stratching your furniture

To train the cat you need to take the cat to the scratching post and then gently take its front paws and move them up and down in a scratching action. If you are lucky the cat may get the idea. If you have a tree in your garden some cats prefer to use these for scratching and again you could try and teach your cat to use that. Quite often if you have done this all you need to do is simply shout at your cat every time it looks as though it is going to scratch the furniture and then pick it up and take it to the scratching post or tree.

Train a cat to use the toilet

When toilet training a cat, perhaps you might wonder if age comes into play. It does not matter how old a cat is; they can be toilet trained at any age. If your cat is doing its business around the house, there are a couple of things you can do. First of all, consider getting your cat a litter tray. Then, whenever you see your cat doing its business you can pick it up and place it in the tray. Also, place any existing mess it has made in the litter tray and it will begin to associate the litter tray with what it’s meant to be used for.

There are many benefits to having a well trained, well behaved cat. You will have less stress because you won’t have to worry about how your house is going to look when you get home. You can enjoy a loving relationship with your cat instead of spending most of the time mad at him for misbehaving. Taking the time to train your cat will definitely pay off in the long run and you and your cat will both be happier.

how to train a cat fast

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how to train a cat

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